Amnesty: a target of espionage

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NEW YORK – human rights organization Amnesty International is a target of espionage. An employee would recently via WhatsApp a link to spyware. If the employee on the link clicked, would others the microphone and the camera of the smartphone can take over.

The spyware is called Pegasus and is made by the Israeli company NSO Group. Pegasus is only provided to public authorities and therefore must have a government behind the aanvalspoging sit, says Amnesty.

The organization does not say which country that would be, but suggests that it may have to do with Saudi Arabia. The Amnesty employee got the appje the beginning of June. In Arabic was spoken about a demonstration at the embassy of Saudi Arabia in the American capital, Washington. This was a link.

According to Amnesty international, received a Saudi activist is also such a message. In the same period continued Amnesty for the release of six people who stood up for the rights of women in Saudi Arabia.

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