Also recordtemperatuur in South Korea

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SEOUL – the population of South Korea sigh for more than two weeks under the extreme summer heat. In Hongcheon, in the northeast of the country, reached the mercury Wednesday at the end of the afternoon, 41 degrees. That is the highest temperature ever measured since a beginning was made with the tracking of the statistics, more than a hundred years ago.

Agents with an umbrella against the sun.

The South Korean radio station KBS made the record known on the basis of the information of the national meteorological institute. The old record on the peninsula dated from 1942, when the in Daegu 40 degrees celsius. In the capital, Seoul it was Wednesday, also unprecedentedly warm, with 39,6 degrees.

The weerkundigen assume that the extreme conditions have definitely until Friday to continue. Almost the entire country has suffered from the heat wave that July 11 is started, immediately after the end of the rainy season. Even the nights barely cool down. Just point the thermometer is less than 30 degrees.

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