Alarm: everyone can own a gun 3D printing

71cb092071658fcdeb0e77e67b49b59e - Alarm: everyone can own a gun 3D printing

Washington – Now that the starting today in America legally is to make blueprints of guns for 3D printers online, is concern for increasing vuurwapengeweld. Everyone can have their own gun or rifle 3D-printing.

Via the website of an American company may already have several designs for firearms to be downloaded. With the appropriate printer thereby to obtain a gun as easy as a press of a button. The weapons can be printed with the plastic that lego blocks is used.

Ciritici in the US are very worried. This way, everyone can own a gun download, without that the weapon is registered or the owner, by a control is gone. In addition, there is a fear that newer generations of weapons completely made out of plastic can be. Without metal parts, these weapons without any difficulty, metaaldetectiepoortjes.

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