A tourist had to cast lots for his own death

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Arizona – A Belgian was killed in a tourist attraction, for which he had to cast lots to get to it.

The spectacular nature reserve of The Wave in America, where a Belgian national was killed.

Only twenty people are allowed daily The Wave on the border of Utah and Arizona visit. The chance that you have the mandatory lottery wins, is very small. The 49-year-old Belgian Christophe Pochic was very happy that he is the miracle of nature should see. The Wave is known for its unique colour palette.

According to the New York Post is the Belgian during the nine kilometers long walk, overcome by the heat hit and died.

His 16-year-old son had to raise the alarm. From the desert, he called his mother in a hotel near with the story that father was not feeling well. It is unclear whether father and son were apart.

In 2013 death of three people in the same area. There are no signs in the area. The reception of your cell phone that is also often very moderate.

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