Watergate-journalist promises with ‘Fear’ screening in ‘shocking life’ in Trumps White House

It was silent for a moment around Bob Woodward, the American journalist of the Watergate scandal uncovered, but now we know why. Woodward comes out on september 11 with a new book, in which he reveals how American president Donald Trump policy decisions.

Bob Woodward, who along with Carl Bernstein, president Richard Nixon’s fall brought with the unveiling of the Watergate scandal, has a new victim: Donald Trump. In his 19th book, ‘Fear’, that must come true on 11 september, writes Bernstein about ” the shocking life in Trumps White House and how the president’s most important domestic and foreign policy decisions.’

The book is, according to publisher Simon & Schuster, based on hundreds of hours of interviews with sources, first-hand, notes from meetings, documents and personal diaries’. “This is the most compelling and in-depth portrait of a seated president that was ever written in the first few years of a government’, is a publisher Jonathan Karp full of praise.

If you are besides wondering where the title ‘Fear’ comes from, which refers to a comment that Trump made during an interview with Woodward in the election campaign of 2016. “The real power lies in respect,” said Trump, after which he changed his mind. ‘Real power is, I want the word not even use: fear.’

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