Trump is willing to dialogue with Iran

The American president Donald Trump is prepared to a meeting ‘without conditions’ with the Iranian president Hassan Rohani. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo covenant thereafter, or different requirements to a possible meeting.

“I will certainly meet with Iran if they wish,” said Trump Monday after a meeting with the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte in the White House. “I don’t know if they already are prepared.’

Trump also said “no conditions” to connect to the meeting and ‘still’ willing to have a conversation. Trump and the Iranian leaders expressed the bygone days of mutual threats.

Trump said that a meaningful nuclear agreement with Iran is good for them, good for us and good for the world’. In may withdrew the US unilaterally back out of an agreement with Iran, that Trump now as ‘wasted stock’ labels.

Pompeo claims ‘fundamental’ changes

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo called after Trumps action, however, is a set of requirements which Iran must fulfill to calls. The government in Tehran must undertake “fundamental” changes. It goes according to Pompeo for the way she has her own people, treats, and stop her ‘evil’ behavior in the Middle East.

Moreover, should Iran agree to an agreement to close down the development of nuclear weapons ‘really’ prevents said Pompeo on tv channel CNBC. Only then is the Trump according to the minister, prepared to make calls.

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