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TRON: Justin Sun revealed about the secret project


Since TRONs “Independence Day” on may 25. June and the Launch of the Mainnets, in the course of the ERC20 TRX-tokens were exchanged in the “real” Tron-Token is now passed a month. Time for Justin Sun and the project that wants to overtake Ethereum to publish Details of your secret project.

The plans Trons are inclined crypto enthusiasts know high. As Justin Sun repeatedly stressed, does not want to be the project of the new Ethereum, but Vitalik Buterins project even in the shade. A part of this objective, a previously “secret project”. On Medium, published Justin Sun now Details.

TRON, Justin Sun in his announcement, is now “better than ever”. So, in the meantime, 15 of 27 Genesis Representatives were replaced by Community Super Representatives – a step in the direction of decentralisation. A process that the Sun evaluates in his announcement as a sign for the “democratic and Autonomous” nature of TRON.

Also with Numbers, TRON trumps: Therefore, meanwhile, the Peak in daily transactions, with the number 49.518 be achieved. Furthermore, the TRON network has now a total of 367 Nodes worldwide, as well as 75.306 Account addresses.

Also, the Token-Migration is now ending as good as full: Stately 92,42% of the ERC20-Token belonged to the past now. Also, you could announce a partnership with PornHub, the offer to the TRON network “a higher expansion of application opportunities”.

With the 30.07 the Tron Virtual Machine in the test had gone also phase – a further milestone, with Ethereum compatible. According to Justin Sun, however, is “faster and cheaper” than this one. From next month, it should be users able to test this extensively to find possible errors. The official Version, then at 30. August go to the Start.

“Altruism” – TRON wants to create incentive systems for file sharing

After the announcement of the progress Justin Sun finally comes to say umwobenem secret project:

“By integrating the TRON network in Bittorent, do we want to improve the existing altruism. At this time, it’s for Peers, no incentives, the completed Downloads and then move on. Our plan now is to reward Peers that offer Torrents. Ultimately, more resources in the Torrent will flow-Ecosystem.“

In order to improve the “altruism” TRON help to create incentive systems for the torrent provider.

The TRON-course for the TRX-Token is currently 0,036 US Dollar. So he is at a 24-H-Minus of 6.28 per cent, a weekly increase of 4.46 percent and a monthly fall of 3.77 per cent.

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