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The GoDaddy of the Crypto-world: Portal Network

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The Portal Network is a One-Stop solution for developers and businesses, the decentralized, personalized Websites, and trade is to create / bid domains across multiple block chains.

So like GoDaddy revolutionized the traditional Domain Name System (DNS) market, aims Portal Network to make use of the possibilities of the Blockchain, in order to help potential users to create their first distributed Website using a simple website Builder.

Insights from the founder of the Portal Network

In an exclusive Interview with crypto Ticker, Christopher S., founder of the Portal Network was announced, his thoughts on the current Blockchain-Space.

I think the Blockchain-the world is not to promote many of the traders but with enough cooperation partners, the need for user acceptance. The Blockchain technology is only useful if you have a balanced Ecosystem of users and developers is available. With the development of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, more emphasis has been placed on companies and individuals, the use of a unique, customer-specific domain name. In Essence, the Portal Network Web 3.0 with decentralized domain name to build.

Web 3.0?

Portal Network aims to be the hash of the Blockchain, which is the prayer of a random set of Numbers and alpha, to a name convert is easier to understand. For example, a random Hash, such as (2ne8db38db9ak2m) can be a with Ethereum Name Service easily in (.eth) Website will be similar to that of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 convert. In addition, this Site will be based on the Ethereum -, ICON – and Wanchain protocols, and IPFS with free storage will be hosted. These Domains can also be created for free by a customer and hosted only pay for the related costs of gas.

The future of Portal Network

Through the establishment of strategic partnerships with many established companies, such as Wanchain, blue cell, and the Portal Network supports the development of various protocols, such as the EIP 1062-log, to help you in the development of your code. For those, the Protocol with the EIP 1062-not familiar: It is an improvement to the mold is a formalize of IPFS Hash for ENS-Resolver. They also focus on the organization of Hackathons, such as the recently completed Korea Hackathon in Seoul, with the aim to promote the use of Blockchain technology (IPFS, and ENS) for the creation of decentralised sites.

When he was asked about any plans for upcoming ICO / Token sales, answered Christopher, that is not a Token sale is planned, but for more news in mid-August will be published, so make sure to keep the Updates interesting!

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