The creators hit series “24” to work on prequel

e4c3418032966929485bffdfb9333ac7 - The creators hit series "24" to work on prequel

The American television channel Fox looks back to a variant on the popular thrillerreeks “24”, that was in July 2014 for the last broadcast.According to The Wrap, working the producers of the original series with a prequel.

“24” began in 2001 and was a nine seasons on the tube. The series about terreurbestrijder Jack Bauer had a striking structure: each series consisted of 24 episodes, each one hour in the life of Bauer showed. So there was at the end of a season still only one day passed.

The idea of a variant on the series is not new. Between the sixth and seventh season of the show came the tv movie “24: Redemption”. Four years after the end of the series in 2010, and turned Kiefer Sutherland (“Designated Survivor”) back in his role as Bauer for the revival of “24: Live Another Day”.

Last year sent Fox spin-off “24: Legacy”, the first 24 without Sutherland, but with Corey Hawkins as the successor of Jack Bauer. “Legacy” was after the first season of the tube removed.

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