Stuntman Dwayne Johnson gets a pick-up truck gift

The stunt Dwayne Johnson was recently a big surprise. He got a pick-up truck, a gift from The Rock.

Tanoai Reed is not only the stuntman of the action hero, but also his cousin. Dwayne had him to a film studio lured with an excuse that they interview scenes for the extras on a dvd. During the shoot, he had a car in the background driving away, so the gift was visible.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson posted a video of the surprise on Instagram. He wrote: “During my career, my stuntman and cousin, Tanoai Reed multiple bones are broken, his tendons and kniebanden torn and he has the biggest bad ass is shown, rewarded with several Stuntman of the year awards. All this he did with one great goal: the best possible film.” He thanks his nephew for the ’blood, sweat, tears and years’.

In the post honors Dwayne not only Tanoai, but all the stuntmen and women in Hollywood, that he is ” the backbone of our business.”

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