SHOCKING: Obsessed Kylie Jenner-fan spray lips broken

The lips of Kylie Jenner are famous and popular. A 24-year-old Briton is even such a big fan that he his lips, for already 14.000 dollar has traction. His friends and family fear that his mouth any moment to explode.

The 24-year-old James Holt wants to the lips of Kylie Jenner, but it seems like he already is over

His first injections he took all on his sixteenth, writes the Daily Mail, self-conscious as he was of its natural thin lips. Now he is twenty-four and all that time he took every two to three months a lipinjectie. “I’ve had some problems with fillers that got out, because there are already too many in there.”

“And my lips are in the middle but collapsed. They are also bruised by the size.” Despite these consequences, wants, James Holt, don’t stop with the traction of his lips. He is afraid that he is once again dull and flat-looking.

Also, the Kylie Jenner fan two neusoperaties, he filled his jaws, and he let his back grow bigger. His teeth are bleached and he syringe of Botox in his armpits against perspiration. A following neusoperatie and the right draw of his toes are on the agenda. Suikeroompjes are willing to pay for its operations, he said.

“I will never stop with plastic surgery, I don’t think I ever will be happy with my face or my body. With this fake look, I feel, in any case, enjoyable. I want to stand out and look different, not like everyone else. People watching on the street and stare, and I’m accustomed to. Sometimes, even people to me to get me to my lips to ask.”

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