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Return 6 pm newscast uncertain

Both the Soccer world CHAMPIONSHIP when the Tour is over, but the VRT keeps however, in order to the two-minute nieuwsupdate of 6 hours, which was introduced for the summer. Is the classic 6-hour-news threatened?

‘This experiment would anyway walk to the beginning of september, ” says VRT-spokesperson Anne Stroobants. But Inge Vrancken, editor-in-chief of The journal, adds: “In a full 6 hour news crawl quite a bit of resources and explains our journaalploeg also additional deadlines. While research has shown that those who for six hours to The news looks, even to a Single journal at a different time look. It is then a matter of the cost-benefit analysis.’

Or the 6 o’clock news in these times of savings still return to its original time and length, so not sure yet. At the evaluation we will assess, ” says Vrancken. ‘Not only if the previous formula is still feasible, but also in the extent to which there is a demand for the viewer – and that, of course, we will investigate.’

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