‘North Korea is working on new missiles’

d819ea4d7f672ed012de20252ef23d5f - ‘North Korea is working on new missiles’

Satellites of the U.s. intelligence agencies have determined that there is motion around the North-Korean factory which is the first intercontinental missiles produced. That has a American overheidsbron said.

From photos and infrared images, it would appear that there are again vehicles in and out of the armies of the North Korean regime in Sanumdong drive, on the outskirts of capital Pyongyang. There were the first intercontinental ballistic missiles made that the United States would be able to reach.

From the images according to the anonymous overheidsbron not on how far the possible construction of a missile already. On one of the images would have a model truck that is used for intercontinental ballistic missiles to carry. The Washington Post says that according to experts seems to be that Kim Jong-un, one or two of those new intercontinental ballistic missiles with liquid fuel.

The White House stated that it does not communicate about the activities of the intelligence services. At the cabinet of the South Korean president was again told that the intelligence services the North Korean movements closely track, without further details.

After the summit between Kim and U.s. president Donald Trump in June, stated that last that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat was. Pyongyang, however, was never information on how the denuclearization wanted to tackle. It is not the first time that the intelligence Trumps optimistic statements about the communist country contradict. In June, they all that the North Koreans the production of fuel for nuclear weapons had increased.

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