Mila Kunis was Ashton Kutcher during casual friends-with-benefits romance

Mila Kunis was Ashton Kutcher during casual friends-with-benefits romance

The couple’s movies started to mirror their real-life relationship.

Mila Kunis realized she was in love with an old friend of Ashton Kutcher when he went with their friends-with-benefits arrangement, and started dating with another woman. The actor was divorced from Demi Moore and single, when he and his former That 70’s Show castmate for the first time began to see him as more than just a friend – and then their casual romance took a turn when their films began to reflect.

“I did the movie Friends With Benefits and he did a movie that was on, No Strings Attached,” said Mila against comedian Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. “We lived in our films, where we were, ‘Let’s make a set. Let’s have fun. We are both single. We trust each other to both. Everything is great.”

“Not both of us wanted voltage. OK, great. We are three months along. And just like in our movies was one of our feelings too”.

And then she realized that Ashton not quite ready for a relationship: “I had the feeling that I literally from one day to the other my belly was beaten.

Then decided Kunis to tell him that she loved him. And the next day asked Kutcher her to join him in pulling.

The couple married eventually in July, 2015, and Mila is now a happily married mother of two, while Ashton still has contact with his former step-daughters, Demi Moore’s children, Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout Willis.

“He loved those children,” told the actress to Maron.

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