Martin Koolhoven is filmcolleges care on tv

Martin Koolhoven is his love for cinema to share with televisiekijkend the Netherlands. For the new VPRO program The look of Koolhoven provides the director a number of filmcolleges. The look of Koolhoven is from Friday, October 5 for six weeks to see on NPO 3, made the broadcaster Tuesday known.

Martin Koolhoven

The filmcolleges are divided into different genres, and themes: spaghetti western, film noir, euro horror, post-apocalyptic film, water/boats, and erotica. After each broadcast is a Koolhoven chosen matching film to see. The director selected his own successful western thriller Brimstone and Paul Verhoevens psychological thriller Elle. Both films were not yet on Dutch television.

The VPRO promises ’no dry reviews and academic essays, but enthusiastic, and argue, and inspired observations’. “Koolhoven is, above all, lover.”

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