Italian ship brings rescued migrants to Libya, UN research in

An Italian ship in the Mediterranean Sea rescued migrants back to Libya. The United Nations mentions that a possible violation of international law, but, according to Italy, there is nothing to worry about.

The Italian tugboat Asso 28, who works at an oil platform in the Mediterranean Sea, picked up Monday 108 migrants from the Mediterranean Sea and brought back to Libya.

The UN refugee organisation said Tuesday that the case investigates. ‘Libya is not a safe place, and this operation may be a violation of international law mean’, tweette the organization.

The Italian coast guard said that the rescue took place in Libyan waters and not in international waters. “Moreover, had the whole operation under the command of the Libyan coast guard’, what it sounds like. Also the Italian government assures Tuesday that the international law is still respected.

A spokesperson of the UN refugee organisation says to news agency Reuters that the exact location where the migrants from the sea were taken is unclear.

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Two weeks ago, promised the Italian government that it is out to sea rescued migrants would continue to accept until a European dispersion of flights plan on the redistribution of immigrants was approved. That commitment came after Matteo Salvini, the secretary of the Interior, had refused a ship with approximately 450 migrants to dock

“The Libyan coastguard has over the last hours 611 migrants rescued and brought back. The ngos are protesting and the people smugglers lose their job. That’s right, we do it!’, wrote Salvini Tuesday on Facebook. He also repeated that the Italian coast guard in which repatriations was not involved.

Italy was in 2012 because of the expulsion of the Mediterranean Sea rescued Africans to Libya, condemned by the European Court of human Rights. With the return to Italy of these people exposed to the risk of inhuman treatment, sounded was when, in the judgment.

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