Injured Dutch fietsster to safehouse in Tajikistan

2e53d986f4eefd46079d6c69041735d0 - Injured Dutch fietsster to safehouse in Tajikistan

The Dutch woman who Sunday was injured in an attack in Tajikistan is from the hospital and transferred to a safehouse. An employee of the German embassy that the NRC confirmed.

The departure from the hospital in Dushanbe occurred at the request of the Dutch women themselves. “She was not seriously physically injured and wanted to go to a quiet and safe place to be,” says the German diplomat at the Dutch newspaper. The netherlands has no embassy in the Central Asian republic.

The wife got Sunday injured in an attack on a group of western cyclists in Tajikistan. Four cyclists were killed, among whom the Dutch partner of the woman. Four of the five aanslagplegers were killed and a fifth was arrested.

The attack was Monday evening claimed by the terrorist organisation Islamic State. Tuesday spread that is also a movie in which the five aanslagplegers their loyalty to express to.

Earlier the government of Tajikistan declared that the aanslagplegers were members of an islamic party that had previously prohibited. The party in question, the Islamic Wederopstandingspartij of Tajikistan, denied the attack.

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