Guy Van Sande is on the ground

“Guy Van Sande is the proof of what excessive drug use – cocaine-in his case – can bring about. I have him to do.” That says lawyer Sven Mary in the Mediahuiskranten about his famous client, who is suspected of possession, production and distribution of child pornography. “Child abuse is the worst thing a man can do. But Guy Van Sande, that’s a whole different story. Cocaine causes you into a world of phantasms lands, where the normal forms of sexual experience, and that may be some quirks, we are no fathers – no longer as satisfactory experience. It is always more extreme, and at a certain point you go over the border: to the forbidden. In his case: look at child pornography. Look, eh. He is never a child, so let me be clear. I am convinced that without the drugs never as far as would have come. It is awfully sad. That guy’s life is over, he is sitting completely on the ground. I don’t,” says Mary.

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