Grief-stricken widower, sits each day with photo frame, late wife to the sea

e05547e1c710a1d9a487b8b73d7906be - Grief-stricken widower, sits each day with photo frame, late wife to the sea

Gaeta – A pizzeria owner has discovered what the secret is of the grieving elderly that for years, every afternoon, sad to look out over the sea.

He sits on a wall in the Italian village of Gaeta. In his hand is always a picture frame.

Pizzabaas Giorgio Moffa (54) heard his story, shared it on Facebook and now have millions of people talking about it.


The 70-year-old Giuseppe Giordano sitting often with tears in his eyes.

In exactly the same spot, he sat often with his wife Ida, the love of his life.

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Unfortunately, the old boss had to say goodbye to his wife. Seven years back, she lost the fight against cancer.

Giuseppe and Ida was only sixteen years old , when she fell in as a block for each other fell. In 1959, this was the wedding. More than 50 years, they shared joys and sorrows together, while they for their three children made the.

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“I saw him sit down and knew immediately that it was going to be a beautiful love story. There are but few men such as he, that their grief is so able and willing to process. What a noble soul,” said Giorgio Moffa, who are emotional story shared on Facebook.

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Thousands moved people react under the story. “I understand very well that it is quite painful to do, and I live really with him. I myself have two brothers and a son of five months old lost, what our conversation is all very recognizable made,” someone writes.

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Since then, drinking Giuseppe occasionally at Moffa. For the stories and the memories of the love. And the photo of Ida, there is of course always at.

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