Grape harvest in Germany earlier than ever

549f2bcc92d29ccf2d891a3a092e7d4c - Grape harvest in Germany earlier than ever

MAINZ – German vintners are starting next week with the harvesting of the grapes and that was never so early in the year. A vineyard in Lörzweiler (Rhineland-Palatinate) will be on August 6, the first are those with the picking of the fruit begins, according to the German wijninstituut in Mainz.

The winemakers are rubbing their hands because the combination of heat and drought is good for their plants.

Just as in the Netherlands, particularly many German regions with unprecedented drought and heat. The winemakers are rubbing themselves in the hand because that combination is good for their plants. Until now, it was the earliest harvest on August 8 started.

Elsewhere, complain farmers understand about harvesting that fail. Farmers ‘ organisations have the government now to a billion euros in assistance. Secretary Julia Klöckner of Economic Affairs will investigate whether that can.

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