German ex-military man 18 years after the bombing acquitted

Ralf Spies (52), the only defendant in the trial over a bombing 18 years ago, a group of immigrants in Düsseldorf on Tuesday by the court in Düsseldorf acquitted. According to the court, there were insufficient credible testimonies against the man.

Ex-military Ralf Spies by the court in Düsseldorf acquitted for twelve cases of attempt to murder out of racial hatred. The accused was in may of this year was already released pending trial, because of ” a lack of sufficient credible testimonials’. The most comments came from prisoners with whom the Spear was stuck.

The lawsuit was about the bombing of July 27, 2000 to the train station Wehrhahn in Düsseldorf with ten East-European immigrants, including six jews from the former Soviet union, were injured. A five months pregnant Ukrainian woman lost her child, when she was struck by metal splinters. Her husband was ten days in critical condition in the hospital.

Spies, now 52, was known for his neo-nazi sympathies – he would tattoos of a swastika and a nazi fortress and had a shop with military stuff in the vicinity of the station. He was shortly after the attack was arrested, but later released for lack of evidence.

The research was again gained momentum in June 2014 when a cellmate of Spies, who was in jail for a different crime, the police told that the man had ‘bragged’ about the bombing. An ex-girlfriend of Spies testified later how they are in his kitchen a homemade pijpbom had seen.

‘Witnesses wanted single sentence remissions’

After Spies in February 2017 release, police raided his home and grabbed him again. The public prosecutor at the beginning of the process of lifelong required for the extension attempted murder with xenophobic motives. Four lawyers of the victims pointed to phone-tapping, which Spies effectively seemed to brag about the bombing.

The defense demanded the acquittal, and during the trial attracted several witnesses in their statements in, or weaknesses of them. It would be them, according to the defense more to do have been to sentence remissions or a reward. The ex-military would be a ‘praatjesmaker and chatterbox’, but certainly not an extremely dangerous right-wing extremist and a sociopath, as the prosecutor claimed.

When it became clear that the acquittal would come, said Juri Rogner, lawyer of one of the victims, in his slotpleidooi about ‘the worst miscarriage of justice in the history of Düsseldorf.

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