French parliament rejects motions of distrust after the affair-Benalla

The two motions of no confidence as a result of the case-Benalla submitted were against the French government, on Tuesday in the parliament rejected. That report French media.

Both the members of parliament from the centre-right party Les Républicains (LR) if left three opposition parties had a vote of no confidence tabled in the national Assembly (similar to the Chamber of deputies). The motion of Les Républicains got the vote, the support of 143 members of parliament. This was just a little less than half of the 289 votes taken, which were necessary to the government in trouble. The text of the left-wing parties was even, but by 74 mps supported.

Heated debates

The double motion of censure led to heated debates in the hemisphere. “This scandal is about a head of state that the protection and benefits afforded to a man who him services has proven to be” defended party leader Christian Jacob (Les Républicains) motion. Premier Edouard Philippe said to regret that the political means’ merely be used to be the president and Emmanuel Macron to damage.

In France last week, a political storm erupted around the unveiling of a video that show how Alexandre Benalla, at the time the security employee of president Macron, demonstrators violently tackled during a demonstration on 1 may in Paris. Benalla was shortly after two weeks suspended, and later dismissed, but the court was not informed. This week he added another additional allegations on top of two twenty-somethings who claim that Benalla also them violently addressed.

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