Facebook will discover new attempts to use elections to influence

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Facebook says that the attempts are discovered to influence elections in november in the US.

In a communication to let Facebook know that it is 32 pages and profiles of Facebook and Instagram has been deleted because they have been found guilty of ‘co-ordinated is not authentic behavior. “Our research is still in a very early stage and we don’t yet have all the facts’, gives Facebook.

More effort
So, it is not clear who is behind the accounts and pages. “It is certain that the pages set up, much more effort has to have his true identity to hide than the Russian Internet Research Agency did earlier at the time of the presidential elections in 2016,” says Facebook.

The purpose seems clear: the mid-term elections held in november will be affect. In that election – just halfway through the ambstermijn of president Donald Trump – are all seats of the House of Representatives and a third of the seats of the Senate in the game. There are also a number of governors and other local representatives will be elected.

The pages and profiles with names like ‘Black elevation’ and ‘Resisters’ in the run-up to that kiesstrijd strong in on topics that the American society is strongly divided and a decisive factor in the vote. As was called for straatprotest at a meeting of the extreme right in Washington. That evokes memories of Charlottesville, where last year in August a meeting under the banner of Unite the right out of control and took a tegenbetoger also killed.

Other pages taken offline were focused on the removal of ICE, the agency that deals with immigration and amongst others involved in the controversial separation of illegal immigrants and their children. The posts on those pages did think of the discord that was sown in the Black Lives Matter movement. In total following a 290.000 all involved accounts.

Cooperate with FBI
Facebook has this week in a series of briefings in the Congress of deputies is informed of the discovered beïnvloedingscampagne, writes The New York Times. There would also be cooperated with the FBI to investigate

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