Explains pregnancy bomb under Q3?

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Thursday is at the head of 1,000 days ago that Hanne, Klaasje and Marthe of Q3 were the successors of Karen, Josje and Kristel from K3 and that is worth celebrating. Day All let this memorable fact not just passing through and had a zomerinterview with the umpteenth version of Q3: “Does motherhood the end of Q3?”, we read on the cover of the magazine. Hello, K3? The agenda of K3 is more than well stocked, the girls are already sure that they are the rest of the year and next year and the year after will not get bored. Studio 100 manages the calendar of Q3, and there’s a whole plan behind the group. Be sure that Studio 100 already knows what K3 on 27 October 2020. Or around for pictures for a film, a possible musical, the recording of a new album or other Q3-states are already long time in advance planned. Not until the day but still periods. “I was recently with friends to the meet and then I had to really scroll to march 2019 or something” said Hanne in this. K3 has performances, takes tv programs, is a coach on The Voice Kids, an album to finish, proposals, and promote, go to the book Fair, plenty of work for Hanne, Klaasje and Marthe. “Sometimes that is difficult yes, but I try to the particular day-by-day. It seems such a workflow is much less heavy,” says Hanne. As one of the group members want freely, you can have that, but that should be good on time can be requested and discussed with the manager. Also any pregnancy should be well planned because you will but have to give birth at the time that you just had a new album. “That we ask in advance best on the calendar, we know of Kristel,” laughs Klaasje in Day All. “I am indeed already thinking about when I have children, and how I am going to combine with my work. Not that next year I already want to become pregnant, but before you know it, you’re thirty,” says Klaasje in Day All. Mommy to be on her fortieth to see the blonde not really sit. “But still, it is better to be there already to think about. Because if I get to children early, I work part-time.” For Klaasje, there is an additional problem: they live in Belgium while all of its possible babysits live in the Netherlands. “As I mom word, I’ll go back to live in the Netherlands. I want my children to go to school. Pure practical is pretty,” Klaasje. And also Hanne will think about the children. “If I have children, I want to present as my parents were with me. I would be very sad if I were the first words my child would miss out because I to the action, am. So combine with the K3 seems to me too difficult.” The third in the list of Marthe. She and Viktor are happy together, and so the chances that there children come and Gert Verhulst for the first time, grandpa is going to be. “I’m just 22. But I have already thought about it and that there are more positive towards dan Hanne, I think. If I our calendar, see, I think it is certainly feasible to K3 with the maternity to combine. Karen and Kristel have already shown that it is possible”, says Marthe.

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