Dutch singer Mick Harren for threat with gun

The Public Prosecutor in the Netherlands, suspects singer Mick Harren of threat and violation of the weapons and ammunition. Today is Harren appear before the court commissioner. Who decides whether or not he longer in pre-trial detention should continue.

The 51-year-old singer was Friday arrested by the police after an incident with a firearm in a coffee shop in his hometown Purmerend (Noord-Holland). He would be there, his former stepson – the son of his ex-wife – have threatened. According to Bowy Harren, his son, is this action the result of a years-long vechtscheiding. According to him it would also go to a neppistool.

The singer, who hit scored with his cover of ‘Sweet Caroline’, since his arrest in limitation. That means that he only may have contact with his lawyer.

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