Disappears in The Journal of 18 hours?

bcffe158db1bbbe3427fcfc86536f62e - Disappears in The Journal of 18 hours?

The world cup is over, but The Six-o’clock News is still not back.. “Indeed, this remains so until the beginning of september, as provided for by the introduction of the VRT NWS Update,” said VRT-spokesperson Anne Stroobants. “Soon we will have the current formula to evaluate and see if we return to a just The Journal to 18h.” Editor-in-chief Inge Vrancken adds that there is still another reason is to that 6 on 6 News is still a month to maintain. “Research has shown that those who for six hours watching, also to The Journal at a different time look. To 13h, 19h, or go to The Journal Late. Therefore, it is also a matter of the cost-benefit analysis.

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