Dionne Slagter find dating horrible

Dionne Slagter will not be fast on a datingapp. The singer would rot ashamed when people on Tinder would recognize, as she tells in Viva this week.

Dionne Slagter

The It Takes Two-the winner had a time to have a relationship with medevlogger Kaj, but is now a year and a half single. She is not looking hard for a new love, ” she says. “Because I put a lot of work, I meet anyway not so many men, and if I meet them they are either very young or just awkward. It is now superrustig on liefdesgebied and that’s fine.”

Need to dating has the YouTube star. “Dating, I find anyway, is terrible. I’m not nervous, but mega awkward. If I have someone really like, I go for weird things to say.” As an example she gives: “Last asked a boy how I was and I said: ‘Yes well, I’ve stinkvoeten!’ So, I am.”

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