Deaths by attacks in Afghanistan

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KABUL – An exploding roadside bomb in Afghanistan at least eight people killed. The victims were sitting in a passagiersbus that at the time of the explosion passed. About forty people were injured.

The incident was in the district of Bala Blok, in the province of Farah in the west of the country. In which province is the last months of heavy fighting with the Taliban.

In the eastern city of Jalalabad, where apart from the Taliban IS also active, fell Tuesday, armed militants a government building. It brought at least six people dead and there were fourteen wounded. Two perpetrators were eventually shot dead by security officers. Another jihadist would be their according to a witness, of access to the building by the door to blow it up.

A few minutes later, it exploded also the car in which they arrived, causing several passers-by, the injury occurred. The number of victims may be higher. A provincial director, spoke of eight dead and thirty to forty wounded.

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