Daughters kill mafia boss after years of abuse

Moscow – Three teenage girls, who for many years have been abused by their father, to have revenge taken by him to cross.

The body of the Russian mafia boss Mikhail Khachaturyan (57) was found with dozens of stab wounds. His three daughters of 17,18 and 19 year old have known.


The murder of a heroin addict man went into a violent argument in advance. One daughter grabbed a knife and stabbed him. The other two shots to help with pepper spray and a hammer.

The wife of Mikhail was years ago departed. A son he didn’t want to see more.

During a search the police found two kilos of heroin and firearms in his car.

The outside world is shocked. Khachaturyan was known as a devout orthodox christian. But at home he was a monster. He was ever his daughters punishment, hairs eat.

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