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Club Brugge should still have to 5,500 euros to pay for incidents with fans last season against Anderlecht

The complaints board of Appeal of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) Club Bruges on Tuesday a fine of 5,500 euros is imposed. That penalty will get the champion due to incidents in the game against RSC Anderlecht in the play-offs last season.

In the party of 6 may ran a Bruges fan onto the field after the final whistle. The supporter, now a impose of three seasons, received, sold fourth official: Frederik Geldhof a push. Blue-black was also prosecuted because the thuissupporters papierpropjes, beer mugs, chairs and lighters to the former RSCA goalkeeper Matz Sels, the fourth referee and the doctors of Anderlecht threw. There was also a pyrotechnic material in the Jan breydel stadium chipped.

Acquitted in first instance

Club Brugge escaped in the first instance to a penalty. The attack on fourth official Geldhof was the disputes committee, say that difficult to review, because there are no images of the facts, and neither the match delegate or the referee is there to witness. Also the attitude of the supporters during the match resulted in the Club not a punishment, because the match is not affected.

Bondsprocureur Marc Rubens left it there, however, and signed on the 18 June appeal. This time, he captured a highly-motivated appeal down. On June 29, was the seat for the arbitration board of Appeal held, this time with testimony from Geldhof. Re-argued master Hannes D’Hope that the Clubs rights to defense violated, because they pretended not to know the reason for which it was called. “The Club was very well aware of the facts having regard to the very motivated beroepsakte and the fact that the defense in the first instance, was present during the debates. They even brought tv images. There can be no question that the club is not properly able to defend” countered the Dispute to a Higher court.

The Club was again on the supportersincidenten the match is not affected, but again wiped the commission that that argument of the mat. “Art P278.4 of the Bondsreglement leaves little space to interpretation. The text is clearly in a conditional sentence, formulated. The facts must, therefore, be no effective influence on the match.”

Finally got the champion that she did everything – to the hiring of a private security service in addition to the local police to the race lead in the right direction. The disputes committee HB be as often to the principle of the objective liability of football clubs for supportersrellen.

“An official was after the match attacked by a supporter. It is clearly-evidently that this is totally not acceptable,” added the commission. “On the images is clear to see that the Bruges supporter is effortless access to the field and also has a spacious away unhindered in the direction of the fourth official can walk on the field. On the top of the supporter who is still physically without the stewards intervening. Fortunately, it is attacking a referee in the Belgian football an exception. This should remain so. To get a clear signal, calls for a severe sanction.”

The 5,500 euro fine splits in two parts: 5.000 euro for the facts of may 6, and 500 euro suspended sentence of 31 January to execution.

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