Chrissy Teigen let her real body show

Chrissy Teigen on Twitter a clip posted where she shows how her body looks like eleven weeks after the birth of her son Miles. She wants to focus attention on normal bodies, so let the model know.

Chrissy Teigen

“Instagram is disturbed. I think it’s great that people have killer bodies and proud to show (that I find really!), but I also know how easy it is to forget how a (for lack of a better word) a normal body looks like when everyone there is ridiculously good seems to be,” says the wife of John Legend, who in addition to the new-born Miles also a daughter, Luna (2), has.

After several followers of her had praised her courage, let Chrissy know that that’s bad. “I call this not really confident, because as far as I am not yet. I’m still super insecure. But I’m happy if I have someone who sees this to feel better about themselves.”

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