Charlie Sheen understands the pain Roseanne Barr

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Charlie Sheen can become engrossed in what Roseanne Barr in the past weeks for her to choose. The actor, who himself was fired from Two And A Half Men will understand that they made it difficult.

“I understand that absolute despair all too well”, said Charlie Monday in an interview with the Australian radio station Kiis 1065. “It is, in fact, not to herself, but to all people of which they know that they too are victims. If I don’t focus on her words but on her voice, I hear the frustration and the pain. It is very sad.”

ABC decided to stop with the reboot of the television series Roseanne, when Roseanne discredited was due to a series of tweets about the former advisor of former president Barack Obama. They called her the baby of the muslim brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.

Charlie was in 2011, workers made redundant in Two And A Half Men, in which he is the protagonist of grief, because he repeated the stick had been given by the producers of the komedieserie. The sitcom went on without him.

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