Boris Becker talks for the first time on tv about divorce and money

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Boris Becker releases a lightning visit to Berlin, and there was a guest in the new tv show Endling Feierabend. In conversation with the interviewers, he is open about the last turbulent months and weeks of his life.

Dressed informally in t-shirt and jeans and with a cheat sheet in his hand as he reaches the studio, and later to enter in shirt and juggling with some tennis balls. There tells the tennis legend that they provide the yes-word, of course, for going to be lifelong to be together’. “I am, however, not only in this game, that marriage calls. It hurts. But we will be a good solution.”

He confesses frankly that he and his ex-wife Lilly at this time not well together, and that he this as a bad time to experience, though they have many good moments together shared. That the police there last even only had to come in their relationship, blame it to her temperamental character.

Couple of euros

On atonement he dares not to hope, the relationship with Lilly Becker will only continue because they are both parents of their son Amadeus (8). The battle for custody may be busy at this time, Boris Becker promises that he is their son as well will fit as he is also on his other children did. “My wife will be there well come, but it must be honest. I also can’t pay more than I have. A couple of euros, and pounds, I still do, but not as much as ten years ago.”

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Boris has a first marriage to model Barbara Feltus and two sons and had a daughter from an affair in 2000 with Angela Ermakowa. The many rumours about new women that he was seen, denies he; his main concern now is his family, particularly his youngest son Amadeus. “Of love can be now no question, but there comes a time that I again am ready for it.”

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