Balkonspringers are back in Mallorca

032c69c972e9ca72520e19d7bc8fe160 - Balkonspringers are back in Mallorca

Arenal – The ’balkonspringers’ are back on the holiday island of Mallorca.

Usually drunk ’balkonspringers’ car, their life in Mallorca.This summer died, all three boys.

The authorities fear that many more deaths are going to fall under the reckless young holidaymakers from their balcony into the pool or jump to the neighbors ’overklimmen’.

In recent weeks, but preferably three drunk tourists to their doom beaten when they are not in the pool or with friends ended up but the concrete is attacked, so writes the Mallorca Daily.

In Magaluff in the recent weeks four people on the receipt ejected after a stupid klimactie. The fines start at 600 euros, but walk on up to 1500 euros.

Last weekend threw a heavy alcoholic 25-year-old Hungarian is still on her balcony on a car.

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