Also the third victim of New York is Dutch

NEW YORK – the third victim of the carnage in New York is Dutch. That confirms the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to The Telegraph.

It goes according to the New York Post, the 38-year-old Saskia Shields, the wife of gunman James Shields. He would also have actress Linda Olthof – his ex-wife and their 6-year-old son have been shot. Then he committed suicide.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms a 38-year-old woman, but the precise identity of the victim is not confirm. Also, the department did not in the circumstances that the American media describe.

On a GoFundMe page, which Shields the money was trying to collect for lawsuits against his ex-wife, he described his new wife as a ’huge loving wife that I really supports.

Actress Olthof

Initially, it was the American adventure of actress Olthof, whose name earlier was revealed, a dream. That told them in 2008 against The Stentor. She had her eye drop on the Actors Studio, and could there after a study indeed. “It happened exactly as I had imagined.”

After the divorce became Olthof and Shields in discord. They had an argument over the custody of their son. According to the brother-in-law of Olthof were about several court cases conducted.

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Neighbors knew Shields as an “ok boy” who is sometimes late parties and the near wake was beyond friendly, but the last time a kind of Jekyll-and-Hyde’ had become: sometimes nice, and then very different, so it describes a neighbor across the New York Post.

The death of Olthof and her son is loud in Deventer. Her family did to this newspaper know in deep mourning to be dipped. “This is hell.”

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