Aanslagpleger Manchester by British Navy saved

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LONDON – the English are furious, it now appears that the perpetrator of the attack in Manchester last year, in may three years earlier by the British Navy off the coast of Libya to be saved.

Salman Abedi

A gevalletje smell thanks so. “A sickening act of betrayal’, says the Daily Mail, the sxentiment on the island together on the front page.

Salman Abedi would together with his brother in August 2014 went on vacation in Libya when there are serious fighting broke out, according to British media.

Great Britain sent the navy to the country for British citizens to save. Abedi was in a group with about a hundred other Brits of the beach picked out by the naval vessel Enterprise and to Malta. He flew from there to Britain. Security officials say that Abedi when he was rescued, according to them, not radicalised.

Abedi blew himself on 22 may last year, shortly after a concert of the American Ariana Grande. It brought 22 people to the life.


Europarlementarieer for GroenLinks, Judith Sargentini was at that time a warm advocate for the rescue of these people out of Libya.

She was outraged that the suggestion by some was raised that there may be terrorists would be imported with this type of action.

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