‘You shut your mouth.’ And then she got a blow in the face

A video in which a young woman during the day in the face is being beaten provokes uproar in France.

The 22-year-old Marie was in the 19th arrondissement of Paris on the street harassed by a man. He did obscene gestures and statements. The wife did not pass. ‘Love your mouth’, she responded. The man returned and hit her in the face, for the eyes of people on a terrace.

Everything was filmed by a security camera of the bistro. The young woman has filed a complaint. They also decided to make her story and the images to bring out. “I felt to me that he went to save them’, she shares. “I looked him straight in the eyes and I have started collected with as much as possible, pride, just to make him understand that he can’t kleinkrijgen.’

With her testimony and the pictures is Marie a face become of sexual aggression toward women on the street. A reality where thousands of women are confronted with.


For the French state secretary for Emancipation Marlène Schiappa proves the video to the necessity of the law against sexist and sexual violence. That still has this week be approved.

“It is a serious issue: the freedom of women to move freely in the public space,” says Schiappa in Le Parisien. ‘The response of the state must be powerful, and that is the case. (…) My eleven year old daughter is developing all strategies and not on the street to be bothered. We have this issue, that is not on the political agenda, a big priority.”

The perpetrator of the aggression against Marie has not yet picked up.

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