Wedding at the top of agenda Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has after the release of the song No Brainer, only one thing in his agenda: his wedding day. Justin was at the beginning of this month on his knees in front of Hailey Baldwin. When the two standing before the altar, is not known.

However, it is clear that music is provisionally ranked second for Justin. “What now? I’m getting married!”, called the 24-year-old Canadian singer to TMZ when he was asked about his plans for the future. This confirmed Justin his engagement to Hailey for the first time on camera. Previously he had via Instagram already know tied the knot to steps with the 21-year-old daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, ” the love of my life’.

An insider claimed last week that Justin and Hailey are not in a hurry. “They are enjoying their engagement,” said the source at Entertainment Tonight. The insider also knew to tell that Justin and Hailey’s ’no big Hollywood wedding with bells and whistles want.

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