UN-organization for the Palestinians, deletes jobs after disappearing American support

d6c62e12537aaa69f0442426e7aaf705 - UN-organization for the Palestinians, deletes jobs after disappearing American support

After the freezing of the regular U.s. contribution to the UN organisation for Palestinian refugees, the UNRWA in the Gaza strip, forced jobs. Thus, education for Palestinian children in danger.

The UNRWA has in the coastal strip of about 13,000 people, said managing director Matthias Schmale Monday. Thousands of employees are responsible for humanitarian aid. “Thirty percent of the thousand employees to keep their work, sixty percent get a part-time job, and ten percent will lose from 1 september his job. We need to reduce the food aid to be able to guarantee, ” he said. The organization has it threatened that ” all the thousands of employees in a hunger strike’.

The American president Donald Trump froze in the beginning of the year the support of the United States to the Palestinians, since they themselves, according to the American president not willing to negotiate peace with Israel. The Palestinian Authority considers the US as an independent broker due to the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem.

The USA had last year for humanitarian aid and service projects in a total of 365 million dollars (312 million euros) deposited, said Schmale. This year, that is still only 60 million dollars (51 million euros).

‘Fundamentally wrong’

‘Last year, we have only to humanitarian assistance us $ 110 million (94 million euros) were spent, which came to 90 million (€77 million) of Americans, ” said Schmale. “We had the impression that we are for 2018 and a similar amount could count on’. But that money is now ‘gone away’.

UNRWA supports in the Gaza strip, around a million people with food aid, controls 275 schools and 22 health centres. Around the 270,000 children attend UN schools. “It is the first time that the Americans humanitarian assistance, linking it to political progress, berates Schmale. That is, according to him, ‘fundamentally wrong’.

By the suspension of American aid, there is also the concern that the school year didn’t go as planned, on 29 August can begin. “We want the international community to warn that the gap in our funding is very large’.

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