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UK study: Only five percent of investors make profit with Bitcoin and co.

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Because of blessing: Out of ignorance, the majority of the British investors made no gains with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. A study of the British capital company IW Capital suggests at least.

IW Capital has shared the results of your survey with the British news portal It is just over two Thousand citizens were interviewed about their experiences with crypto-currencies. According to IW Capital is a representative study. Accordingly, three million British crypto-bought currencies. Most of them, about 250,000, should not have known, what exactly you are investing in. Only five percent of the crypto-investors would be consulted prior to your Investment with a financial Advisor. IW Capital sees this as a typical Problem in the case of crypto-Investments:

“The data show that the British have, in principle, enough information or Knowledge on the topic of crypto-currency. In fact, many have no idea of the topic.“

The chief of the capital company, Luke Davis, shocked, but not surprised:

“It is shocking, but not surprising that so much confusion around the topic of crypto-currency. I do not believe that this reflects the risk profile of the UK investors, there is a continued interest in alternative financing options. But to see that the investments were made without proper financial advice, […] is worrying“,

Davis said. Of course, the idea of a consultancy unwilling investors must trigger char in the case of the chief of a capital company “concern”. But, for all its bias, was Davis, of course, right when he warns of uninformed Investments. In view of the fact that many Investeoren have discovered the crypto market, that is, in the Wake of the Bitcoin boom in December last year, it is little surprising that for a large part of these investments with losses.

Blockchain – a toilet flushing?

According to the study, have currencies with around 38 percent of the respondents, extrapolated to the 20 million Britons, with no understanding of Crypto. Similar were the findings in a March of a Cloud service provider intY in the study: In this Association, around a third of the respondents used the term “Cryptocurrency” with the financing of funerals. The question is, what do you imagine under the term “Blockchain”, 41 percent “old-fashioned toilet flush”.

The Problem of ignorance and indifference in regard to crypto-currencies is not, however, limit to the UK. Also in Germany, the 30 percent, according to a Postbank survey from June for Bitcoin and C0. to intesessieren, a unique conclusion: There is still a long way to Mainstream adaptation. Until then and to all eternity: Do Your Own Research!

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