Trump praises Italian premier for ‘vigorous migration policy’

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte was Monday for the first time to guest in the White House. The American president Donald Trump praised the Italian rider during a joint press conference for his ‘vigorous migration policy’.

Trump said that Italy and the United States are united in the belief that strong countries and strong borders. “Our countries have, through hard experience learned that border security and national security are one and the same thing,” said Trump. “Italy was tired.’

According to the American president the two countries through a new strategic dialogue, ” the joint beveiligingsinspanningen in the Mediterranean and North Africa continue to improve. The focus will thereby lie on the urgent need to protect our countries against terrorism and uncontrolled migration, ” says Trump.

According to Conte represent Trumps government and the his both ‘change’. During the meeting he said the ‘innovative approach’ of Italy, off to Trump.


Trumps call to the defensieuitgaven of the NATO member states to re-balance called Conte ‘absolutely reasonable’. “I will take the message personally carry out and try others from this point of view to understand’, he said.

Then answered Trump a few questions from journalists. He repeated his threat from last weekend, that he is prepared to so-called ‘government shutdown’, as the congress migratiehervormingen does not approve of. This includes, inter alia, the demand for 25 billion dollars for the construction of a wall between Mexico and the USA, said Trump also that he ” always leave room for negotiation’.

Prepared Rohani to meet

Another remarkable fact was that Trump said it is willing, the Iranian president Hassan Rohani to meet, and that without conditions. The last time you saved the two together, however, is not. A thick week ago, warned Rohani Trump that Iran is ” the mother of all wars’, in which Trump is in uppercase, replied that he US never to threaten.

About the U.s. sanctions against Russia and told Trump that she ‘remain as they are’.

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