Tourists maim homeless in Benidorm

Benidorm – A homeless man by a group of drunk men from a hen’s party in Benidorm mutilated.

Now laughs the Pole, but later deteriorates, he of pain because of a ’joke’.

The victim got 100 euro paid as he the name of one of the English, the future groom, on his forehead, would be tattooed.

The man who it followed late on a photo to see that Tomek laughing a peaceteken. The first lines of the tattoo, ’Jamie Blake, North Shields, NE28’, than to see.


Ultimately didn’t get the job: the Polish victim had too much pain. In the Daily Mirror quotes a friend of the man ’it’s unbelievable that people abuse someone in such a vulnerable position.” “They have him for the rest of his life disfigured.”

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There is now money to have the tattoo of his head to remove it. On Twitter, several angry comments on the action of the drunk Englishmen. So ask a lot of people wonder whether the bride know what kind of man she married.

One Englishman wrote on Twitter that he was the Pole and his tragic background. ” ij is ashamed tremendously.

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