“These are the perpetrators of fietsaanslag Tajikistan’

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DUSHANBE – police in Tajikistan has Monday three suspects of the attack on a group of cyclists shot dead, reports the independent news channel Akhbor to The Telegraph.

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Two of the killed perpetrators (left and right) and one of the arrested suspects.

Thus, according to the media, that from Prague operates a total of five suspects were killed, and there are four. Drove a car Sunday afternoon with high-speed in on a group of western cyclists, where the 56-year-old originally from Amsterdam, René Wokke was killed and his 58-year-old girlfriend Kim Postma injured.

The three suspects were liquidated in the village of Osmandara, in the district of Danghara, after security forces they had identified. They were all urgently sought by the authorities.

The police have also confirmed reports Akhbor, that the victims after they were rammed by the car with knives have been edited. The Telegraph has seen pictures showing that the cyclists gruesome are damaged.

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