The ” party of prime minister hun Sen to retrieve all seats within’

The party of Cambodian prime minister hun Sen has in the parliamentary elections of Sunday, all seats were won. That has a spokesperson of the ruling party CPP communicated. The result is not yet confirmed by the election committee.

The elections in Cambodia have been controversial because CNRP (the Party for National Salvation), the main opposition party, in 2017, the supreme court dissolved. The opposition party pulled out in 2013-more than 44 percent of the vote.

According to the critics, the elections of Sunday, therefore, no real elections, though there are still nineteen smaller parties went to the polls and the turnout at 82 percent lag.

The 65-year-old hun Sen, a former commander of the Khmer rouge that turned against the regime, and returned, has been around since 1985 at the power. He is one of the longest reigning heads of government in the world.

He runs an authoritarian regime that ruthlessly acting against dissidents. He and his family members that he and senior management have placed, with the frequency of the clock being accused of corruption and self-enrichment. According to the magazine The Diplomat have Their Sen and his neighbor more than a hundred Cambodian companies in the hands.

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