Teenager big PR problem for Israel

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TEL AVIV – As the to her father, Ahed Tamimi the new ” leader of the Palestinian resistance’. The girl came yesterday a free man, after almost eight months in an Israeli cell, he had been due to the kicking and beating of two soldiers. She is only 17 years old, but Israel will in the coming time, the necessary struggling.

The creators of this mural of Tamimi were arrested by the Israeli authorities.

Tamimi not only in the West Bank, but everywhere in the world, a lot of support to count on. From Hollywood to the Turkish president Erdogan, who is her yesterday called her ’courage’ to prices. She is after all the “dear girl with the blond curls” with whom one is in the West can identify with, in contrast to the terrorists of Gaza, or the corrupt leaders in the West Bank.

Tamimi is a huge PR problem for Israel, that, according to human rights organizations hundreds of minors are holding. Who have now with Tamimi a face. A petite teen who dares to take on the mighty army of Israel.

According to Israel, is Tamimi by her family, partially from terrorists and anti-semites exist, consciously used as a propaganda tool. A committee of the Knesset investigated a few years ago, even whether it is a real family and not just made up for propaganda purposes. How sensitive it is, is evident from the arrest of two Italians who yesterday in Bethlehem, a mural of her had made.

The case against Tamimi came from last year and also the judicial system in Israel is significantly under fire. Because how can a girl that soldiers with her bare hands to tackle, for eight months in the cell ends up, while an Israeli soldier who a already disabled Palestinian aanslagpleger a bullet through the head hunting, after just nine months to be released?

The release of Tamimi comes on the moment that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict back into focus. In recent months a number of times just at the last moment, and after mediation by Egypt, a new war in Gaza be prevented. And at the end of last week was a Jewish settler murdered.

Any hope on a solution for the conflict is long since gone, even though president Trump in the short term, with a peace. That is, however, already in advance rejected by the Palestinians, that America is no longer a vredesbemiddelaar see, since that country is Jerusalem recognized as the capital of Israel.

Tamimi said yesterday after her release that the ” resistance will continue’. She is now a national hero of the Palestinians. As an example for many, in whom the fire against the occupation to fight after two intifada’s, and a series of Gaza wars was already extinguished.

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