Staf Coppens does not think that there are many people Millionaire are going to be

Monday, Staf Coppens is back on tv with Millionaire. “The chances of someone as a millionaire to go home, is small, Staff in the Mediahuiskranten. “Fortunately. I want to have a job. (laughs) But it really is. That prove foreign versions of Millionaire.” Large amounts won Staff never. “When I as a student to house cycled from Leuven to Leuven, was the hard prick in the dagbladhandel two Subito’s to buy. That krabden my mother and I at home open. It was a weekly, recurring moment. I believe that we can ever 2000 Belgian Francs (50 euros, ed.) with won, nothing more.” Still it says Staff that he is ever the great fate won. “Ah yes. When I participated in Dancing On Ice I have with Monique (his schaatspartner in the VTM program, ed.) the love of my life meet.”

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