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Publisher New York Times against Trump: ‘Name journalists are not enemies of the people’

The publisher of the newspaper New York Times, Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, president Donald Trump personally asked to keep up with his attacks against journalism, because according to him ‘dangerous and harmful’ for the country.

A delegation of the newspaper said on 20 July with Trump, reports the newspaper. According to Sulzberger, it was agreed to move the conversation off the record . “That’s in the past, the practice has been.’ Sunday sent Trump, however, a tweet about the meeting, which, according to the president, inter alia, “the large amounts of fake news in the media”.

“With his tweet, he has the meeting on the record set, says Sulzberger. “I have this meeting accepted primarily to my concern to address the problem with anti-persretoriek of the president. I have the president on the man said that I find that his language is not only divisive, but also increasingly dangerous.”

Sulzberger expresses in particular its concern about the label ‘enemies of the people ” and that Trump on journalists poses. ‘I’ve been warned that the rhapsodic language contributes to an increase in threats against journalists and that this will lead to violence.’

‘Will never stop fighting’

Trump responded immediately via his favourite medium, Twitter. ‘Freedom of the press also comes with a responsibility to make the news accurate to beat. Ninety percent of what is written about my government is negative, despite the fantastic results we books. No surprise that trust in the media to a low point has been reached.’

“I will not allow our beautiful land is being wrung out by the anti-Trump-haters in the dying krantensector. No matter how hard they try to get the attention, under my leadership makes the country great progress and I will never stop fighting for the American people, ” said the president.

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