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Open Bazaar: 1.500 crypto-currencies without the charges and KYC trade


The decentralized crypto-Exchange platform, the open Bazaar has announced a new Version. With the Update, it is the users now possible, without the application of Know-Your-Customer rules to trade decentralized crypto-currencies. More than 1,500 Coins belong to the range.

The team of developers of open Bazaar, a decentralized platform for trading crypto-currencies, has been published in the last week, the Version 2.2.2. This includes the possibility of the free Peer-to-Peer Trading of crypto-currencies in the Ecosystem of the platform. More than 1,500 crypto-currencies are now due to the Update to the open Bazaar to trade. Previously, the offer was comprised of currencies with only about 60 different Crypto.

New Features and improvements

The Update is allowed according to the open Bazaar, several new and improved Features. In addition, significant Bugs had been eliminated in order to make the Trading operations smoother. A new feature that is mentioned in the press release, is the way the price per Trade individually. Instead of only one trade at a market price offer, users can add a premium or a discount from the market price.

What’s the platform open Bazaar is characterized, moreover, in contrast to centralized exchanges, the absence of fees and KYC requirements. On most Exchanges, it is binding, the registration of the Know-Your-Customer verification. So that abuse should be, and consumers will be protected is prevented.

Open Bazaar: More than a crypto-trading space

On the open Bazaar, you can trade not only Kryptowährugnen. Originally, the decentralized trading was designed to trade General goods in a Peer-to-Peer Basis with each other. Oriented to the major at the time the dominant Online marketplaces, eBay, or Amazon. In contrast to those you don’t want to stand between the dealers and customers, but these only connect.

Already in the Main open Bazaar had designed the Roadmap for 2018. Like BTC-ECHO reported, to plan for the long term, the Integration of mobile devices, as well as a Browser application. For a system of incentives, it also plays with the issuance of the private Token. Once it has expanded now, however, the supply of existing tokens.

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