’Next time she jumps with my child out of the window’

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Michael van der Plas’s plan for his children are now fighting it again is not well with their mother Samantha ’Barbie’ de Jong. The former realityster is there to say ready that Samantha and the children in danger, and hires a lawyer.

According to Michael, is Samantha not per se “a bad mother” but she is a danger to the children if they themselves are not in the hand can hold. “The next time she jumps, she jumps with my child out of the window,” he says in a video on the YouTube channel of a plastic surgeon, Diana Gabriels. That let him, say that not to happen. “I’m done,” he says resolutely. He wants that the children are no longer with Samantha to live if it is not well with her.

Michael, that his ex-wife still best wishes, believes that Samantha now has to prove that they want to be and that they have longer time to work on yourself. “And go with the people who really care about you. And not the fake people who are only around you to hang out,” said Michael.

Last week it was Samantha in the hospital. What exactly is happened, is not clear. Earlier this year she did a suicide attempt.

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