New internethype makes for bizarre scenes in the Netherlands

A new internethype that was blow over from the US is now also in the Netherlands bizarre scenes. The purpose of the Shiggy challenge or In My Feelings challenge is that directors from a slowly moving car jump, do a dance and get back in the car diving. Life-threatening if it is ‘successful’, let alone if things go wrong. As in the Dutch Putten.

It started with Instagram-personality Shiggy. The American has made a video in which he out of his moving car jumping, dancing on the song ‘In My Feelings’ rapper Drake, and then back in the car to go. The video went quickly viral on the internet, and then a host of others, the ‘challenge’ makes a lot of sense. In the United States has been warned for the hype, because the dangerous tour is arranged wrong. Saturday came a video of a failed Shiggy challenge in the Netherlands, where there is miraculously the only damage to a car (see video on top).

‘Utter idiot’

‘Madness! Do not!’, says the unmistakable opinion of the Dutch minister of Infrastructure and Cora van Nieuwenhuizen on Twitter. “What this boy does is a complete idiot and extremely dangerous”, sounds at Ernst Koelman, a spokesman of the centre of expertise on traffic and transport, of Justice, who adds that it is also a criminal offence.

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